The Advanced Therapies Awards is your chance to showcase your triumphs and set new standards for the industry.

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The Phacilitate Young Scientist Award is presented annually for significant research contributions to the field of cell and gene therapy.


  • Entries must be for an individual
  • Entries must not be dual nominations
  • Entries are open to Investigators from academia, research foundations, government, and industry are all eligible to  be nominated for the award
  • Entries must have between 3-7 years of experience since completion of the university course
  • Entries must be under 37 years old on January 1st of the year the award is granted

The ‘Manufacturing Tech Disruptor of the Year’ award is presented to a company or an academic lab who have helped improve and simplify the manufacturing process through innovative new technology. We want to hear from trail blazers who are leading the way for the next generation of therapies.


  • Entries must be from a company or academic lab  
  • Entries must have implemented improvements or technology into a real life situation 

The Patient Advocacy Award is awarded to organizations that foster awareness for cell and gene therapies and support those going through treatment. This award is targeted to companies that place the patient at the heart of their development and patient advocacy organizations that are dedicated to spreading awareness of the potential of CGT.


  • Entries must have a public identity that raises awareness for cell and gene therapies  
  • Entries must have provided outstanding service to a community of people seeking healthcare  
  • Entries must have contributed time and service to patient advocacy groups, committees or organizations 
  • Entries must have a company that truly integrates patients, their families, and their caregivers into the planning and development journey 

The DE&I Initiative of the Year is awarded to an organisation initiating and leading action to remove barriers and improve the working experience and engagement levels of their employees.

Initiatives could include, but not limited to: 

  • Initiatives aimed at protecting their employee’s mental health  
  • Initiatives to ensure equality of opportunity for all  
  • Initiatives aimed at developing women’s leadership potential, including mentor programs, women’s networks and return-to-work programs  
  • Initiatives showing commitment to work-life balance   
  • Improvement to employee diversity over the past 24 months  

This award recognizes sustainable development in the cell and gene therapy industry through innovative and sustainable use of resources and prioritizes the needs of the wider environment and society. This can be a reduced carbon footprint or energy-saving products and methods. This can also include the adoption of a scheme that has made a difference in the attitudes and behavior of staff and resulted in a benefit to the environment or a new partnership that demonstrates tangible evidence of environmental benefit. This can be on a single project, across a series of projects, or through a change process within an organization.

This award recognizes biotech championing therapeutic innovation in cell therapy that is demonstrating a positive potential impact on patients in the future.


  • Entries must have a minimum of phase 1 clinical data 
  • Entries Phase 1 data must demonstrate key safety indicators 


This award recognizes biotech championing therapeutic innovation in gene therapy that is demonstrating a positive potential impact on patients in the future.


  • Entries must have a minimum of phase 1 clinical data 
  • Entries Phase 1 data must demonstrate key safety indication 

Simon Ellison was a passionate advocate for supply chain innovation and education, and his legacy has inspired this award.

The Simon Ellison Supply Chain Innovation Award recognizes outstanding individuals and organizations that have demonstrated exceptional dedication to the advancement of supply chain innovation and its critical impact on saving patients’ lives.


  • Entries can be a company or individual  
  • Entries must have worked directly within the supply chain and logistics roles for at least 4 years  
  • Entries must have a passion for supply chain innovation for the benefit of patients 

The Phacilitate Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a Phacilitate Member who has achieved a lifetime of significant contributions to the field of gene and cell therapy.  

The Awards Judging panel will submit nominations and judge from this selection in tandem with Phacilitate