Susan Nichols

Susan is CEO of Propel BioSciences Inc. where she leads a team who support the business development, drug development and fractional C-Suite needs of cell and gene therapy companies. Propel also has a technology currently in stealth mode.

Prior to Propel, Susan was CEO of Falcon Therapeutics, a Durham NC gene-modified cell therapy company focused on rare solid tumor cancers. Susan joined Falcon in 2018 to apply her manufacturing and operational experience and expertise in establishing business strategies leading to funding and market entry success. Falcon benefited from Susan’s experienced fundraising approach for early-stage life science companies and established partnerships and attracted VC, angel and non-dilutive investment to support Falcon’s next steps toward regulatory approval and commercialization of its promising Trilogy cell platform.

Susan has a proven executive management track record and over twenty years of corporate management and leadership experience in high growth biotech, entering the cell therapy arena in 2010. Susan brings a unique perspective having served in global executive management roles with early stage, emerging, and fortune 500 companies such as Invetech, Baebies, Thermo Fisher/ASI and Hitachi Chemical, and Roche. She developed and oversaw partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and life science companies to advance drug development and the manufacturing platforms that enable commercial success. Susan was able to shepherd scale-up efforts of cell therapies through all phases of clinical trials and into commercialization. In support of early-stage Life Science companies, she successfully established funding relationships with VC’s, Private Investment Groups, Angel Investors, Philanthropic Alliances, Non-traditional Financing, Royalty Deals, Licensing Opportunities, and Strategic Alliances.

Throughout her career, Susan has successfully built funding strategies, product platforms, high performing teams, and pipelines.

Susan serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Rare Disease Innovations Institute. Susan’s has a passion for ensuring the patient voice is heard and understood and advancing initiatives ensuring patient’s access to resources and therapies.

Susan is on the Board of Directors of Alliance for Regenerative Medicine now serving her second term. Susan serves in advisory roles for many global cell and gene therapy companies.